Вход в гостиницу "Империю"

Dear guests!

Please familiarise yourself with the following rules of accommodation and payment at the “Empire” Hotel.

Payment hour

  • Payment hour of the hotel is 12.00 of the current day Moscow time.
  • You can extend your booking at the Reception and Accommodation Service.


  • Self-service buffet is provided from 7.10 to 10 in the morning;
    In case of an early check-in, at a prior request the hotel can offer a continental breakfast at any hour in the morning or optionally give a lunch-box to take with you.

Payment terms

  • Hotel invoices can be paid for via a bank transfer, by cash in roubles or by credit card. We accept the following credit cards: Visa, Visa ELECTRON, MasterCard, MasterCard ELECTRONIC, Maestro, UNION card
  • The room price includes breakfast, wireless Internet and a self storage room service.
  • If the period of stay is less than 24 hours, the payment should be made for 24 hours regardless of time of check-in.
  • Early check-in or late check-out is possible only if there are free rooms at the hotel.
  • In case of a guaranteed early check-in from 00.00 till 08.00 in the morning, the payment is made for 12 hours, and breakfast is included.
  • In case of a guaranteed early check-in from 08.00 till 12.00 an hourly payment is charged, and breakfast is not provided.
  • In case of checking out after the check-out time, that is after 12:00 local time, the payment is made in the following order:* not more than 6 hours after the check-out hour – hourly payment** from 6 till 12 hours after the check-out hour – payment for half a day

    *** more than 12 hours after the check-out hour – payment for a full day

  • In case of a preschedule check-out, and if we are notified less than 24 hours before the check-out, the payment for the coming day is not refunded.

Kids Accommodation

  • Kids under the age of 3 can stay free of charge.
  • Kids from 3 to 10 years of age can stay for 500 roubles per day without using a separate bed.
  • If kids from 3 to 10 years of age use a separate bed, a 50% discount is given.

Supplementary bed

  • A supplementary bed costs 1400 roubles;

* this service is offered at a prior request.
** a confirmation from the hotel to provide this service is required

Conditions of stay for two people

  • If two people are accommodated in the room, documentation should be prepared for each of them.

Rules for the Guests

  • Visitors are allowed into the rooms from 9.00 till 23.00. After 23.00 anyone visiting our guests must leave the room.
  • If the visitor stays in the room after 23.00, the hotel can issue an invoice to the guest for the second person.


  • Please do not bring birds or animals into the room.

Usage of electrical appliances

  • Regardless of the circumstances please avoid cooking in the room.
  • Please follow the rules of fire safety.

Property damage

  • If you noticed any property damage on your check-in, please inform the Reception and Accommodation Service immediately.

Preventing fire in the room

  • For the safety of yourself and other guests we ask you not to smoke in bed.
  • Please do not throw your ash tray contents into the garbage bin.
  • After finishing the use of electronic utensils, please do not forget to turn them off. Please be careful when using the matches.

IN CASE OF FIRE Call: 101 (internal)
SECURITY SERVICE Call: 106 (internal)

We wish you an enjoyable stay at our hotel!